The Clever Team

We believe that data should empower learning, not hold it back. With unique experiences in education and technology, the Clever team understands the data challenges that schools and developers face. Our mission is to make powerful educational software easy to build and easy to deploy. Interested in joining us? Get in touch.Contact Clever

Tyler Bosmeny

Tyler leads Clever to greatness through rousing speeches, innate product genius, and bold strategic decisions. Or, more likely, he is surrounded by brilliant coworkers who make his job easy. In recognition of Clever's impact on education, Tyler was named to Forbes' 2014 '30 Under 30' alongside Dan and Rafael. Prior to co-founding Clever, he was Vice President of Sales at PaperG. To the surprise of many, Harvard University once granted Tyler an MA degree in Statistics and a BA in Applied Mathematics.

Dan Carroll

Running technology for a charter school network, Dan saw first-hand how data obstacles were quickly becoming the biggest barriers to innovation in education. Prior to Clever, Dan led technology for West Denver Prep, where he had also taught middle school science as a Teach for America Corps Member. Now, Dan works with schools around the country to use data to aid innovation. Dan holds a BA in Human Evolutionary Biology from Harvard and currently resides in San Francisco.

Rafael Garcia

Part man, part wizard, Rafael leads the technical team and is in charge of all product engineering. Prior to co-founding Clever, Rafael worked at Jump Trading, where he specialized in machine learning and working with large volumes of data. Rafael holds a BA degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Harvard. He is a native of Naperville, Illinois, and lives in San Francisco, California.

Matt Pasternack

With experience in ed tech, policy, and in the classroom, Matt leads business development for Clever. Previously Matt helped found a K-12 learning analytics company and worked on the prototype for School of One in New York. He attended Stanford Law School before leaving to start his first startup. Matt taught middle school English in Harlem for three years with Teach for America. Matt holds a BA in History from Yale and currently lives outside of San Francisco.

Alex Zylman

As a gentleman, scholar, and software engineer, Alex spends his time at Clever deep in code. Previously he worked at Google, where he built algorithms to keep their products personalized and social. Alex holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Northwestern University. He is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and currently lives in Menlo Park, California.

Cosmo Wolfe

In addition to having the fiercest name on the team, Cosmo Wolfe specializes in making tools for schools and applications to manage their data at Clever. In the beginning Cosmo won over the hearts and minds of the dev team with his crisp homemade waffles, and this continued as he quickly began churning out crisp homemade code. Cosmo hails from Duluth, Minnesota, but he has been enjoying the new San Francisco climate. In his free time he sails and sometimes bakes.

Jamila Amarshi

With a background in business and education, Jamila works on operations at Clever. Prior to joining the team, Jamila led national expansion efforts at the Level Playing Field Institute, a STEM education nonprofit organization. Jamila holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management, an EdM from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a BA in Psychology and Studio Art from Stanford University. She grew up in Osceola, Arkansas, and lives in San Francisco, California.

Mohit Gupta

With experience in design research, technology policy, and software engineering, Mohit works on product engineering at Clever. Previously he worked at Location Labs, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Microsoft Research focusing on web infrastructure, data privacy, mobile geolocation research and map-based storytelling. Mohit holds a Masters from the UC Berkeley School of Information. He grew up near Delhi in India and currently lives in San Francisco.

Julie Arsenault

An avid adventure-sports enthusiast and traveler, Julie is a former business consultant now working with the Operations Team at Clever. Prior to her current role, Julie worked with both large corporations and small Ed Tech startups to help them improve operations, marketing & product strategies. She holds a BS in Mechanical and Ocean Engineering from MIT and comes to San Francisco by way of Seattle, Washington, and her hometown in Northeast Connecticut.

Jonah Kagan

Jonah likes to make things, learn things, and make things that help people learn things (i.e. educational technology). He works as a developer at Clever, and also constructs crossword puzzles for the New York Times in his spare time. Originally from Los Angeles, Jonah studied Computer Science at Brown University and has finally migrated back to the best coast, residing currently in San Francisco.

Jeff Nelson

Jeff is a Software Engineer and resident Windows evangelist at Clever. Prior to Clever, Jeff worked on projects for Boeing to more accurately calibrate moving lasers. When Jeff isn't slinging code at Clever, he can be found training robots to beat humans at console video games. Jeff holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois and lives in San Francisco.

Erica von Buelow

Full-time coder, part-time nerd (who are we kidding? Full-time nerd), Erica hails from sunny Southern California. After receiving a BA degree in Mathematics from UC Berkeley, Erica worked as a math and science tutor while honing her mad coding skills. She lives in San Francisco and is thrilled to be back in the Bay Area.

Aaron Sokol

If you work for a school district or CMO, Aaron Sokol wants to talk. Aaron is now heading up district partnerships for Clever, helping K12 technology leaders design and implement great student identity solutions. Before getting Clever, Aaron taught SAT math, built schools, departments, and budgets in Oakland, and put together custom IT and finance solutions for education programs across California. Aaron holds a BA in Globalization from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Cristin Quealy

Committed to removing operational barriers that impede teaching and learning, Cristin joined the Clever Operations Team to help schools and districts do precisely that. Prior to joining Clever, Cristin helped start a turnaround school in Memphis, consulted for school districts on systems redesign and process improvement projects, and managed operations support for a network of 76 NYC public schools. Cristin holds an MA in Education Policy from Stanford University and a BA in German Studies from Wesleyan University.

Nathan Leiby

Nathan is a Software Engineer at Clever who believes that coding and data analysis are powerful tools to effect scalable social change. Prior to Clever, he built healthcare information systems for rural hospitals in India and HIV testing labs in Haiti. From headphones to sousaphones, Nathan is happiest when there's music involved. He hails from Oak Ridge, Tennessee and holds a BA in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Sneha Patel

Sneha joined Clever to help make it easier for schools to adopt technology for their classrooms. Prior to Clever, Sneha managed corporate and foundation partnerships at and worked with newly resettled refugee families at the International Rescue Committee. She loves public libraries and is a die-hard Florida Gator fan.

Colin Schimmelfing

Colin once tried to teach coworkers how to code, and in the process gained a new appreciation for great teachers. Originally from Northampton, Massachusetts, he is wicked excited to join Clever and is fortunate that what he is fascinated by can be used for such a good end. He graduated with a BA in Astrophysics and Computer Science at Swarthmore College, and currently lives by Dolores Park in San Francisco.

Carrie Abend

Still adjusting to the ocean being on the wrong side, Carrie is another East coast transplant in San Francisco. She previously worked in digital media and advertising, and joins Clever ready to help bridge the e-learning gap. Carrie holds a BS from Boston University and enjoys used bookstores and obscure Joss Whedon references.

Will Laufer

A native New Yorker, Will brings a background in ed tech and a “get things done” mentality to Clever. He previously worked on connecting a global community of learners and educators, and he remains enthusiastic about making better technology available to more students. Will holds a BA in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and currently resides in San Francisco.

Nick Grandy

As a high school physics teacher in Brooklyn, Nick's favorite lesson plan involved building circuits with hot dogs. More recently he worked at Airbnb, where he joined as an early engineer. At Clever, Nick helps define the product roadmap. He holds an AB in Astronomy from Harvard and an MSc in Computer Science from Oxford. Nick grew up in London and would like to make new friends who paraglide.

Dan McCarthy

Dan works on recruiting for Clever, scouring the Earth for brilliant engineers, creative product managers, and fearless astronauts (eventually). Previously, Dan worked, ate, and played dodgeball at Google. A native of Mission Viejo, CA, Dan holds a BA in Political Science from Stanford University and enjoys baseball, stand-up comedy, barbecue, and petting other people’s dogs.

Brandon Gordon

After previous stops in media, business and education, Brandon works on the Accounts team at Clever. Prior to joining Clever, Brandon was a management consultant with Bain & Company. Brandon graduated from Brown University with a BA in Sociology and Spanish Literature and also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, he now enjoys checking out the concert scene around the Bay Area!

Eleanor Dorfman

Eleanor joins Clever from the NYC Department of Education where she managed a middle school literacy initiative and supported the operations of large scale pilot roll-outs. As part of the Accounts team at Clever, she works to optimize the relationship between Clever and its partners. A DC native, she holds a BA from the University of Virginia which cultivated a lifetime love of learning, and Thomas Jefferson. She lives in San Francisco, and is really enjoying the weather.

Kevin Bechtel

Hailing from the great state of Ohio, Kevin began his career as a kindergarten teacher in Las Vegas. A few years later, he traded in lesson plans for project plans— building capacity for operations, communications, and growth at charter school networks in LA and San Francisco. Kevin holds a BA in Architecture from Miami University, an MEd from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and a PhD in throwing awesome dinner parties.