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Clever Logos

Primary l Blue


On white backgrounds, use the blue Clever logo which is our primary brand mark.

Primary l White


On colored or photo backgrounds, use the white Clever logo.

Clever Typography

Clever Colors

Clever Blue
HEX 4274f6

Tory Blue
HEX 284694

Cerulean Blue
HEX 355DC5

Cornflower Blue
HEX 6890F8

Jordy Blue

Accent Aqua
HEX 33F7F1

Accent Pink

Accent Purple

Neutral Silver

Neutral Offwhite

When using the Clever brand

Always use the Clever logo that spells out “Clever” and never the app logo with just the “C.”

While we’re constantly innovating, the Clever logo appreciates consistency. Please don’t edit or recolor the logo.

And the Clever logo likes a little elbow room, so don’t place copy or graphic elements in close proximity to the logo.

Please don’t use our name or logo in ways that may be misleading or suggest endorsement by Clever of your product or service.

Feel free to use unaltered Clever screenshots for instructional purposes, but please don’t alter or superimpose graphics on the screenshot. Instructional copy is okay!

By using Clever brand materials, you agree to the Clever Terms of Service and our rules and policies which may be updated from time to time. You acknowledge that Clever is the sole owner of Clever trademarks. Clever reserves the right to terminate or modify any use of the Clever logo.

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