Clever and open standards

Clever enables districts and applications to fully support the latest open standards. See how districts and applications use Clever to accelerate their open standards adoption.

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What are open standards?

A number of open standards have been developed and used to easily share class rosters and related data between a student information system and software applications. We believe in open-source code and open standards because an open ecosystem benefits everyone and helps future-proof technology investments. Download our whitepaper to learn more about open standards.

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For applications

Automatically support the latest standards

With a single Clever integration, your software is automatically compatible with the the latest open standards—and new versions as they’re released. Your teams can focus on your core business instead of dedicating time to ongoing standards support.

For districts

One format for all your software

Open standards allow districts to send one file format to Clever for easy rostering. Whether you’re already using a popular data format or if you’re thinking about adopting one, Clever makes it easy to leverage open standards in your schools.


Schools use Clever

to manage their student and teacher applications.

Make open standards even more powerful with Clever

Make open standards even more powerful with Clever

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Secure Sync
Rostering tool that automatically creates and updates student and teacher accounts in learning software.

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Clever Portal
Student and teacher portal that supports SSO for all learning resources and gives each user a customized experience—at no cost.

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Clever Badges
Lightning-fast and fun way for K-3 students to log in to learning software without any typing necessary.

What people are saying about Clever


Clever saves our IT folks a tremendous amount of time since they have many fewer data feeds to set-up manually. I wish every educational program would get on board and join Clever so we could truly no longer need to make roster changes manually ever again!

Josh Shaw
Baltimore City Public Schools

Thanks to Clever, we don't have to be the experts in every student information system or identity provider districts use. We can focus on our core product.

Scott Harris

If I can write one file once and multiple applications can use that same recipe, then everyone is a winner. It just makes sense to partner with Clever—one place, one time, one shot.

Eric Hileman
Oklahoma City Public Schools

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