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Clever Academy highlights a mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced features for all users: be that teachers, school staff, or district admin! It’s my go-to recommendation for educators who want to make the most of Clever’s many features.

Jessica Peters, Director of Personalized Learning of KIPP DC Public Schools

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to complete courses and become a champion?

It takes 3–5 hours to complete all four levels on the certification track, depending on your speed and baseline knowledge of Clever.

How much does Clever Academy cost?

Clever Academy is offered at absolutely no cost!

How do you access Clever Academy?

District Admins can access Clever Academy through their Dashboard! You’ll see the Clever Academy tab on your left-hand navigation. Teachers and School Tech Leads will be able to access Clever Academy through their Portal. You can also go straight to Clever Academy.

Do you have to complete all lessons in each course?

While we recommend completing all courses for your role in Clever Academy, you’re free to navigate to specific lessons or skip a lesson that’s not relevant to you. That said, you must pass the end-of-course assessment for each course to earn your Clever Academy Badge!