Social Media Education for students, parents & teachers. An E-Portfolio & digital citizenship curriculum (lesson plans & online course) for grades 7-12. The best way for students to build their digital pathway, safely for college or the world of work. On GoEnnounce students create an ongoing, real time repository of their academic and extracurricular achievements. The tool stays with the student year after year. They learn to assess their personal accomplishments and grow their Student Page URL. Students understand how to leverage their unique accomplishments and goals to stay on track for college and career, in a safe, social space. With almost 40% of college admissions googling students, responsible social media behavior is one of the most important real world college & career readiness skills for students to have. Our digital citizenship curriculum teaches lessons related to digital footprint, bullying, privacy, digital literacy & digital law. Students can earn micro-credential badges as they complete digital lessons. GoEnnounce can also incorporate custom district/school badges into Student Page profiles. GoEnnounce.com/digitalcitizenship

How GoEnnounce works with Clever

GoEnnounce offers SSO through Clever Instant Login
GoEnnounce is compatible with Clever Library