Amazon Whispercast

Wondering what Whispercast is all about? It’s a solution that helps people and institutions discover, purchase, manage, and distribute digital content in bulk, quickly and easily to any device. Access a wide selection of eBooks, eTextbooks, Apps, and documents – even publish your own content to share with students and classes. Get Started: All you need is an account—just use your existing Amazon credentials to Sign in. If you don’t have an account, click “Sign up” from the Whispercast homepage. Get stuck? Refer to our Help page: Now you’re in! Sync with Clever To Manage Classes & Content: 1. Navigate to the SIS Sync tab on the Whispercast homepage 2. Click “Log into Clever” 3. Sign in, and follow along until Clever confirms your district data has been shared with Whispercast 4. Return to the Whispercast homepage. Give yourself a pat on the back! No need to manually enter your student rosters. 5. Complete the sync setup by following the steps found here: We look forward to seeing you on Whispercast!

How Amazon Whispercast works with Clever

Amazon Whispercast rosters and provisions accounts through Clever Secure Sync