Transform your current textbook practice packets into 1-click differentiated practice. ClassHero is compatible with most major textbooks. Save precious teacher-time and improve learning seamlessly! So how does ClassHero work? 1. You assign textbook packets via ClassHero based on your Scope and sequence. All practice is instantly differentiated 2. All practice comes back automatically graded with progress monitoring and clear next steps for each student. 3. You can share progress with your Math coach, Special Ed teacher, Principal and parents. 4. You get standards-based report cards 6. You can assign language supports for ELL students in 30+ languages. 7. Spanish Dual language classroom mode including voice, text and video tutorials.

How ClassHero works with Clever

ClassHero rosters and provisions accounts through Clever Secure Sync
ClassHero offers SSO through Clever Instant Login
ClassHero is compatible with Clever Library