ConnectNow is a secure platform that helps districts, schools, educators and parents/students communicate, manage fees and capture information from forms and documents in one place, securely and efficiently. ConnectNow delivers all three integrated to student information data and embedded in educational administrative processes and systems. Simplifying communication - secure platform for easy, student-centric communication between teachers, and to parents: simpler, more accountable, and more secure than emails, texting and social media; Intuitive document workflow - embedded smart workflow engine that helps to get rid of paper and archaic processes, and moves satellite processes and data into the mainstream. Uses range from simple permission slips to complex RTI strategies and incident data capture and reporting; Secure payment processing - single, convenient way for parents to pay fees, purchase school items, fulfill teacher wish lists, and sign up for athletics and after-school services: easier, faster, and more secure than using separate websites, taking payments via the phone, or using cash and checks in person.

How ConnectNow works with Clever

ConnectNow offers SSO through Clever Instant Login