Discovering Chinese Pro

This is the digital version of Discovering Chinese Pro, used in secondary school systems. Available in both simplified and traditional characters, this program can be implemented in two years at the high school level for Chinese 1 and 2 or at the middle school level for Chinese 1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B.Based on our state-adopted curriculum Discovering Chinese, this digital solution leads the way to create the most innovative and holistic Chinese learning experience. It focuses on instructional delivery, paired-learning, and self-practice, creating the best language learning experience by offering ample opportunities to practice listening and reading, and encouraging students to write and speak. The platform measures students' progress by what they can do in the Chinese language rather than how many vocabulary words they know.Discovering Chinese Pro adopts a systematically spiral-up and theme-based approach that meets rigorous standards. It also makes differentiated teaching possible, allowing students to learn at their own pace or work interactively in groups, in and out of the classroom.

How Discovering Chinese Pro works with Clever

Discovering Chinese Pro offers SSO through Clever Instant Login