Inner Explorer (with SYNC)

Inner Explorer is a daily audio practice designed to support mental health and well-being. The evidence-based practices have been shown to help reduce stress, strengthen self-regulation skills; and improve academic performance for students of all ages. The Inner Explorer SYNC app is integrated with CLEVER which allows for automatic account set up so teachers can simply launch the app and practice. Our 4 age-appropriate programs are available in English and Spanish and require no prep, or planning. The 180 practices are audio-guided by narrators with diverse ethnic backgrounds and are 5 mins in length for the early learning program and 10 mins for the elementary, middle and high school programs, including 2 mins of journaling. The program includes the Counselor Series, the Educator Well-Being Series, and Transition and Sound practices to supplement the program. Inner Explorer’s just press “Play” format makes daily implementation simple and sustainable for educators and counselors.

How Inner Explorer (with SYNC) works with Clever

Inner Explorer (with SYNC) rosters and provisions accounts through Clever Secure Sync
Inner Explorer (with SYNC) offers SSO through Clever Instant Login