KnowNote is a web-based, comprehensive music and rhythm education and entertainment program that will appeal to students of all ages and aptitude levels. KnowNote leverages the muscle memory associated with touch typing, eliminating the need for archaic music notation and learning fingering for individual instruments; instead, students focus on what they truly want to do--make music. Children and teachers can play songs simultaneously, or they can compete head-to-head. In the chat room they can discuss what they’ve learned, and quickly reference the score board and all records. Even if students don’t know it, playing the game teaches them the patterns of music, a skill necessary for composing new songs. KnowNote gives students the ability to compose original music in an easy and intuitive way in the "studio" using the same patterns they've already learned in the game. KnowNote is, in effect, any instrument imaginable, accessible anywhere, any time.

How KnowNote works with Clever

KnowNote offers SSO through Clever Instant Login