Scrible Edu

Scrible Edu is the academic version of Scrible that’s free for K12 students and educators. It’s the most advanced platform ever built to support academic research, writing and close reading. Scrible Edu enables students to curate, annotate, manage and collaborate on articles in the cloud. It supports writing with citation capture, bibliographies and Google Docs and Microsoft Word integration. Students use robust tools to scaffold and organize their work in one place instead of using multiple apps/methods. By centralizing multiple historically separate tools in one place, Scrible simplifies an otherwise complex, confusing and tedious learning experience for students. Partnered with Google and Microsoft, Scrible integrates deeply with Workspace and Office applications widely used in schools. Scrible Edu supports in-person, remote and hybrid learning across multiple content areas (e.g. ELA, social studies, science, foreign language), programs (e.g. AP Capstone, IB), support areas (e.g. SPED, ELL), project types (e.g. science fair, National History Day) and initiatives (e.g. personalized learning, project based learning, writing across the curriculum). For a list of features, see

How Scrible Edu works with Clever

Scrible Edu offers SSO through Clever Instant Login