Scrible Edu Pro

Scrible Edu Pro is the enhanced, paid version of Scrible Edu, the most advanced platform ever built to support academic research, writing and close reading. Scrible Edu Pro includes all of Scrible Edu’s free features plus powerful upgrades for students and educators. Students get multiple shared libraries, more annotation colors and styles, robust tag and annotation management features, an outline editor, savable bibliographies, support for book and print sources and additional citation styles and source types. Educators get class structure, assignments and analytics. Analytics provide unprecedented visibility into students' research and writing progress in real-time, allowing educators to see which students are struggling and where they're stuck. All parts of a student’s paper/project are centralized in one place online, enabling educators to easily review, assess and provide timely formative feedback. This enables personalized instruction and intervention for close reading, research and writing and helps educators efficiently assign and manage the kind of work students must master for college success. Scrible Edu Pro supports in-person, remote and hybrid learning across multiple content areas (e.g. ELA, social studies, science, foreign language), programs (e.g. AP Capstone, IB), support areas (e.g. SPED, ELL), project types (e.g. science fair, National History Day) and initiatives (e.g. personalized learning, project based learning, writing across the curriculum). For a list of features, see

How Scrible Edu Pro works with Clever

Scrible Edu Pro rosters and provisions accounts through Clever Secure Sync
Scrible Edu Pro offers SSO through Clever Instant Login