Shapes 3D Geometry

Shapes 3D is a series of applications for K-12 classrooms. With Shapes 3D Geometry Learning you can discover and create nets of solids as well as explore vertices, edges and faces of 3D Shapes. With Shapes 3D Geometry Drawing you can draw heights, line segments and cross-sections within 3D Shapes. Apps inspire students to investigate and understand the solids on their own, help teachers explain abstract problems in 3D Geometry. Our apps develop scientific literacy, problem-solving and creativity skills by providing students and teachers with technology that help them explore scientific challenges in a fun and engaging way. We design our products in close cooperation with teachers and researchers in domains of education and didactic studies, psychology and cognitive studies to make them curriculum-based and suitable for K-12 geometry. Shapes 3D relates to many international and national math curriculum standards, including Common Core.

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