SpringMath is a comprehensive response to intervention system that includes screening, progress monitoring, class-wide and individual math intervention, and implementation and decision-making support. Assessments are generated within the tool when needed and SpringMath uses student data to customize class-wide and individual intervention plans for students. Clear and easy-to-understand graphs and reports are provided within the teacher and coach dashboards. SpringMath uses gated screening that involves CBMs administered to the class as a whole followed by class-wide intervention to identify students in need of intensive intervention. SpringMath assesses 130 skills in Grades K-8 and remedies gaps in learning for grades K-12. The skills offer comprehensive but strategic coverage of the Common Core State Standards. SpringMath assesses mastery of number operations, pre-algebraic thinking, and mathematical logic. It also measures understanding of “tool skills.” Tool skills provide the foundation a child needs to question, speculate, reason, solve, and explain real-world problems. SpringMath emphasizes tool skills across grades with grade-appropriate techniques and materials.

How SpringMath works with Clever

SpringMath offers SSO through Clever Instant Login