Use ThingLink to build visual learning experiences by adding information to images and videos. Just upload an image to ThingLink, and enrich it with notes, sounds, narration, video, quizzes, or any other media that will make the experience more authentic and engaging! ThingLink offers students a great way to practice digital storytelling and literacy skills at early age. Students can use mobile or desktop devices to create interactive posters, maps, presentations, and virtual tours about any STEAM subject! The editor makes it easy to document learning by annotating photos of a project or from a field trip using informational text, closeup images, sound or video clips. Schools can set up their own virtual learning space on ThingLink. This can include 360 video lectures or virtual tours for campus orientation, professional development, vocational training, or special education.

How Thinglink works with Clever

Thinglink offers SSO through Clever Instant Login
Thinglink is compatible with Clever Library