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Ignite Your Middle and High Schoolers Reading Growth!

Ignite Your Middle and High Schoolers Reading Growth!

$15/ student
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What if all of your students loved to read? And what if they had the skills to do so successfully? Zinc offers online literacy tools for 6th to 12th graders to make this vision a reality.

With vocabulary and close reading instruc…
ELA & ELL, Technology & 21st Century Skills, Assessment & Grading
Grade levels
Middle, High School
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Web browser


Four vocabulary quiz modes: image, synonym, definition and sentence
Freshest, thought-provoking content from across the web to engage students across reading levels with middle and high school interests
Interactive, video-led Close Reading lessons teach students all of the skills that go into being high school- and college -ready readers
Detailed reports show individual student and class performance on specific skills, standards, and assignments

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