The future of digital learning

Clever is driving toward a future of digital learning that’s equitable to all. To support our community in this work, we’re inviting leaders from K12 school districts and national organizations to share their vision for a more equitable future.

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Resources for edtech procurement

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2022 Edtech trends report

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Past discussions with edtech leaders

Strategies for edtech procurement

March 2022 — It’s time for educators to have a seat at edtech procurement table. We asked education leaders to share resources that help K12 schools develop high-impact strategies for edtech procurement, while also building privacy, equity, and teacher satisfaction. See a list of resources shared during the session.

Leaders react to 2022 edtech trends

January 2022 — School leaders and nationwide organizations like Digital Promise discuss ways that district leaders can stay ahead of the edtech trends and challenges in 2022.

Strategies for achieving digital equity and inclusion in K12 schools

October 2021 — Learn how K12 schools can creatively leverage resources and increase digital equity for their students.

Data privacy in the transition to the post-pandemic era

March 2021 — A panel of privacy experts and district leaders discuss how schools can ensure privacy, security and control and what districts need to know about keeping student data secure in the midst of at-home and hybrid learning.

The future of digital instruction

May 2021 — Hear from Sal Khan and Dan Carroll on how educators are using technology to personalize learning and connect with students. Then, a panel of leading educators share their perspectives on the future of digital instruction.

Fostering parent engagement in your district

August 2021 — After a year of learning at home, how can we continue to build on increased parent involvement? School leaders, education experts, and parent organizations share winning district strategies to keep parents connected with school, and ensure student success.

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"Let's ground our innovation in our problems; they are our opportunities."

Sal Khan, CEO & Founder, Khan Academy