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Goals turns learning software into student achievement

✔ Set personalized student goals
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✔ Improve learning outcomes

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Set and achieve your software utilization goals

Learning software offers incredible benefits for students, but only if used to fidelity. Goals gives everyone at a district the data and tools they need to make sure edtech usage is highly successful and is improving student outcomes.

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For curriculum teams

Set the right goal for each student

Educators set personalized goals for each student based on recommendations, and Goals aggregates data across applications so curriculum teams can have informed conversations about software usage.

For tech teams

Track progress across programs

Technology teams see the status of every software rollout at every school and all in one place, allowing them to easily spot usage successes and implementation roadblocks.

For teachers

Celebrate student success

Teachers monitor students’ progress towards their personalized learning goals, making it easy for them to recognize student success or identify who needs extra help.

For students

Exceed learning expectations

Students track their progress towards weekly goals inside the Clever Portal, which helps them gain independent learning skills and better understand their areas for improvement.

What users are saying about Goals


Since the implementation of Goals I've seen online learning conversations led by the students as opposed to their teachers. In the past, our teachers were leading the discussion and setting time goals but now students are taking control and articulating their needs. Students speak about their online programs with more authority since they have the data to know which programs they excel in and for which ones they need help.

Alma Morales
School Leader, Lindsay Unified School District

The most valuable thing about Goals for us has been the ability to see individual students' performance across several digital curriculum platforms.

Connie Koloskey
Director of Media, Text & Digital Learning, Pinellas County Schools

At Newsela, we know great student results come from thoughtful instructional planning and committed follow-through. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Goals to help school districts across the country achieve high fidelity implementations.

Dan Cogan-Drew
Chief Product Officer, Newsela

Clever has saved me time in my class in the sense that I can access the two main programs all in one place. It also allows me to quickly see who is meeting goals, who needs help, and who has earned certificates. It's a huge help.

Kala Mendonca
Teacher, Lindsay Unified School District

I personally love the Goals platform not only because of its usefulness pertaining to student progress but also because it’s simple and easy to comprehend. It’s a product that once teachers know it’s there, it can make their lives so much easier!

Bryson Finney
School Learning Technologist, Metro Nashville Public Schools

SpringBoard Digital is a core instructional program for thousands of schools across the country. Setting the right progress goals in our program are critical for student success, and Goals provides the infrastructure for our schools to set, monitor, meet, and exceed these goals.

Douglas Waugh
Executive Director of SpringBoard Digital, The College Board

We’re excited to partner with Clever Goals to help inform parents how their students are using online learning programs and empower them to further participate in their child’s learning!

Sohit Wadhwa
CEO and Co-Founder, ParentSquare

Frequently asked questions

What is Goals?

Goals is a new product that, for the first time, gives educators the ability to see usage and progress data from all their edtech programs in a single place. Goals gives district leaders the data and tools to make sure their edtech rollouts are highly successful and on track to improving student outcomes. Teachers can set personalized, weekly goals for each of their students, and students can see their progress towards that weekly goal inside their Clever Portal. In the most recent school semester, early adopter schools who used Goals saw their edtech utilization improve by 24% relative to the district baseline.

How does Goals work?

District leaders or teachers set goals for students based on application research and guidance, and Goals aggregates student time on task and curricular progress data from the learning applications. Goals’ easy-to-understand reports and dashboards help drive more informed conversations within your district about software utilization.

What applications partner with Goals?

Goals works with nearly all applications. Just ask applications to share usage data with Clever, and it will be accessible in Goals the same week. In addition, there are 30+ applications that have made this process even easier by providing a preconfigured integration—view the applications already integrated with Goals in Clever’s App Gallery.

Is there a charge for Goals?

School districts can purchase Goals, with pricing dependent on number of students, professional development needs, and district timelines. Clever’s existing suite of products – Secure Sync, Clever Portal, and Clever Badges – will continue to remain 100% free to schools. There is no charge for applications who want to integrate with and be included in Goals.

How do I learn more?

Click here to get started. After you submit your information, a Clever representative will reach out to discuss your school district’s needs and give you the information you need to evaluate Goals.

Goals for application partners

Goals drives student engagement with your learning software and supports your application to be used with fidelity in the classroom. Learn how integrating with Goals delights your customers and encourages students and teachers to get the most value from your software.

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