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Secure Sync

Automatically rosters student and teacher accounts in classroom software.

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More than a data transfer

Clever doesn’t just get your data from Point A to Point B—we make sure software works in the classroom through rigorous processes and exclusive features. Secure Sync cuts down on data errors with automatic data fixes and app-specific requirements, and a powerful sharing interface ensures only the necessary school data for a particular application is available. Dynamic rules cut down on over-sharing and capture any changes as they happen in the student information system (SIS), so every account is kept up-to-date.

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For schools

Real-time account updates

Secure Sync automates the process of creating, updating, and archiving accounts in your learning applications in real time, based on the daily changes in your SIS.

For applications

Instant SIS compatibility

Secure Sync makes you compatible with any SIS and OneRoster standards. With Clever's integration, you can focus on core business instead of dedicating time to district setups.

For everyone

Granular data sharing

Schools have a powerful and easy-to-use data sharing interface so applications only receive the data they need—whether it’s an entire district or specific individuals or classes.

Consistent student records

Clever maintains consistent records, so any time a student moves from one school or class to another, that student’s record automatically updates in connected apps while preserving their historical data.

IMS OneRoster support

Clever supports all open standards, including IMS OneRoster. Applications are automatically compatible with the format, and districts can leverage OneRoster files for all of their applications.


student accounts rostered

through Clever so far in the 2017-18 school year.

Easy for everyone

Step one

Applications build a one-time integration for SIS compatibility and secure data transfers. Districts set up a one-time connection between Clever and their SIS.

Step two

Districts use Clever's simple data rules to select which users, classes or grades need access to each resource. Then accounts are automatically created in the apps.

Step three

Students are grouped into correct classes, teachers see only their students in apps, and any change to the SIS prompts an update in the connected application.

What users say about Secure Sync


The OKCPS edtech team loves how apps are scoped to specific students so that staff and students get a personalized portal experience accessing apps that are relevant and targeted.

Eric Hileman
Oklahoma City Public Schools

With Clever we know when and how we’ll get the data. And the data will be clean, which makes our job easier. We only have to think about one system instead of 10 or 20.

John Franco
Carnegie Learning

Thanks to Clever, we don't have to be the experts in every student information system or identity provider districts use. We can focus on our core product.

Scott Harris

Clever completely eliminates the need to directly hook our SIS to applications. It seamlessly extracts the data we need to pass from our SIS to our applications.

Sal Costanzo
New Albany Floyd County Schools

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