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Clever's engineering culture tenets

Code with empathy

Develop software with customers and fellow engineers in mind.

Code with a sense of urgency

Move quickly and sequence work smartly to get solutions into users’ hands promptly.

Learn and teach, every day

Acts of learning and teaching essential are parts of an engineer’s daily routine.

Expect and enable change

Write code that is resilient to the only constant—change.

Be guardians of our users' data

It is up to us to be the experts and to guide and protect our users.

Engineering is a team sport

Engineering teams can be much more than the sum of their individual members.

Our commitment to diversity

Clever's engineering team is committed to diversity and inclusion. We believe taking perspectives from a diverse set of viewpoints is necessary for our team to achieve and thrive. Clever also offers a mentorship program to help employees of all levels find technical, career, and personal growth.

Tools we use

Go Node ReactJS + Redux Docker MongoDB Postgres AWS

What our engineers are saying


There are a lot of companies with smart people—we've got a sharp team that’s also incredibly patient and humble. There’s a lot of trust placed in individual engineers, and you get to pick the projects and challenges you want to tackle.

Peter Nga
Software Engineer

I love building things. Even as a manager, I still get to build things, and it’s important as a manager to stay in the code. Since I do both, manage and code, I get to see how collaborative Clever is across the sales, success, and engineering teams. You can go downstairs to talk to someone on the solutions team or they can stop by and have a direct conversation with you. Open dialog is welcomed and encouraged.

Amelia Jones
Engineering Manager

We are building an infrastructure for the entire education system. We are building complex, secure solutions to seemingly simple problems like 'search.’ Everyone builds a search functionality but we have constraints: encrypted data at rest, in transit, and only accessible to certain users—while holding ourselves to industry standards. And the best part is, we do a lot with a small team so engineering impact is very high.

Mohit Gupta
Technical Product Manager

Engineers at Clever work directly with the product team. I get to have say and input on where the Clever product is going and can discuss with the managers and PMs on what problems we are trying to solve. And Clever values cross-team collaboration not just between engineering and product, but also with the sales and marketing teams.

Alisha Sojar
Software Engineer

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