Clever Badges

An all-new, lightning fast way for K-2 students to log in to their learning software.

See Clever Badges In Action

See how Rocketship Education uses Clever Badges to give more classroom time back to their teachers and students.

  1. Each student gets a personalized Clever Badge with their special code

  2. Students hold their Clever Badge up to the webcam on their laptop or Chromebook

  3. Ding! Students instantly get access to all of their learning applications on Clever—no typing required

An Easier Way to Log In

For Young Ones

Badges are perfect for students who have trouble typing or remembering complex passwords

A Safer Alternative

Clever Badges replace less-secure practices like sharing or posting passwords

Direct Login with Chromebooks

Students can log directly into Chromebooks by holding up a Clever Badge

No More Troubleshooting

Teachers get more time to teach, and students get more time to learn

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See What Others Are Saying

"This new way of logging in is definitely going to change our lives and our kids' lives."

Ariana Santana

Transitional Kindergarten Instructor, Rocketship Brilliant Minds

Clever Badges is a patent-pending solution and technology from Clever Inc.