Over 10,000 schools use Clever
to make online learning easy.

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“Clever gets my into so
they can .”

Join over 15,000 schools who use Clever to integrate their software

Your applications, fully integrated with your SIS

How Clever Works

Enter your students in
your student information system, once.
And Clever keeps all your student accounts
up-to-date across all your programs.

Leading Companies Rely on Clever

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What They Say

“Our school partners are blown away that integrations with their SIS can be done in minutes, not months or years.”
— Mick Hewitt, CEO, MasteryConnect

Clever Raises $10.3M to Help Schools Use New Learning Apps

The Wall Street Journal: 3/26/2014

The CIO of Metro Nashville Public Schools began using Clever this year to automate the process of bringing a new education app online. Before Clever, the process used to take up to four weeks, and requests from 150 public schools and 22 charter schools were becoming unmanageable.

A Start-Up Moves Teachers Past Data Entry

New York Times: 12/24/2013

"30% of our children move to a different school at least once a year," said Debbie Karcher, CIO of Miami-Dade Schools. Using Clever, student records quickly move from one school to another. The switch used to take 2-3 weeks, and using Clever cuts the deployment time to a day.

Got Onboarding Issues? Get Clever!

EvoText: 11/28/2013

"A small handful of companies are trying to tackle this problem, but for my money, Clever is the best bet. We recently worked with them for a new project and they saved us weeks of support and data sharing development work. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed."

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