Why do 78 of the top 100 school districts use Clever?

Clever keeps educational applications rostered and up-to-date. We make using software in schools as easy as ABC.

Simplifying Education Technology

See how districts manage and secure applications with Clever.

How Clever Works

Set Up Sync

School districts set up a single roster sync with Clever. For many districts, this integration can be done automatically.

Approve Applications

School districts log in to Clever to approve applications their teachers have requested.

Easy Integration

Any approved applications are automatically set up and kept up to date, offering one-click login to teachers and students.

Your Applications, All In One Place

More than 200 applications support Clever, so schools can use their software with less hassle.

“The ease of data integration makes me a huge proponent of any application that works with Clever.”


Secure and FERPA Compliant

School districts use Clever because they retain full control of student information and benefit from Clever’s industry-leading encryption.

See how Clever helps protect student information.

Clever In the News

30 Sep 2015

This Startup Now Protects Student Data In One-Third Of Schools

“On our end, it’s a one-time action, and then Clever does the rest,” said Debbie Karcher, Miami-Dade's chief information officer. “It saves us so much time. When we hear that a vendor’s using Clever, our ears perk up. That automatically makes it easier on our side.”

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28 Aug 2015

How To Think About Student Data Privacy

Maybe this will shed some light on how one company, which offers a kind of digital force field which buffers the contact educational apps have with the students themselves, has managed to go from a presence in just 4 schools to a presence in 44,000 schools in just 3 years. It must make districts feel just a little less vulnerable.

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27 Aug 2015

One-Third Of Schools Are Using This App You've Never Heard Of

Educators are increasingly turning to software and websites like Khan Academy, Google Apps and Code.org to help them deliver lessons, manage collaboration, do real-time assessments and more. Clever, a three-year-old startup, is used by 20 million students and teachers to manage all their apps.

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