Why do 90 of the top 100 school districts use Clever?

Clever keeps educational applications rostered and up-to-date. We make using software in schools as easy as ABC.

Simplifying Education Technology

See how districts manage and secure applications with Clever.

How Clever Works

Set Up Sync

School districts set up a single roster sync with Clever. For many districts, this integration can be done automatically.

Approve Applications

School districts log in to Clever to approve applications their teachers have requested.

Easy Integration

Any approved applications are automatically set up and kept up to date, offering one-click login to teachers and students.

Your Applications, All In One Place

More than 200 applications support Clever, so schools can use their software with less hassle.

"When we hear that a vendor is using Clever, our ears perk up. That automatically makes it easier on our side."

Debbie Karcher, Chief Information Officer, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Secure and FERPA Compliant

School districts use Clever because they retain full control of student information and benefit from Clever’s industry-leading encryption.

See how Clever helps protect student information.

See how Oakland Unified uses Clever in its district.

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Clever In the News

10 April 2017

DIY or Buy? How Lexia Learning is revisiting data integration

For many companies, the decision between building a solution in-house or paying another company for outside services boils down to which product development needs are prioritized—and whether the team can devote enough people (in this case, engineers) to the problem.

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21 Sep 2015

Clever, a Software Service, Gives Schools a Way to Manage Data Flow to Apps

Clever is also gaining ground at a time when many districts use legacy student information databases that were not designed to integrate directly with dozens of learning apps or allow students to access them through a single portal. “It’s a barrier to learning, ” said Mr. Bosmeny. “Our goal is to open up access as quickly as we can.”

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13 Sept 2016

Passwords get the boot as students use their own QR codes

The badge with the QR is a product of education technology company Clever, which has simplified the way students in almost half of U.S. schools sign on to more than 225 different educational applications.

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