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Clever for applications

Leading education applications trust Clever to ensure their integrations work every time.

How Clever helps applications

Clever for schools

Clever powers learning technology in 60,000 schools across the country. We keep learning applications synced in real-time and give students and teachers an easy-to-use, personalized, one-login experience.

How Clever helps schools

What Clever does

Clever powers technology in the classroom. We give software applications a platform to easily connect with schools and give districts a central location to manage all of their learning resources.

Clever is everywhere

More than 50% of U.S. K-12 schools and hundreds of applications already use Clever—and more are joining the network every day.

Reclaimed learning time

When schools and apps both use Clever, time spent troubleshooting technology becomes a thing of the past—giving teachers back precious instructional time.

Safe and secure

Clever sets the best practices in privacy, security, and data control to help districts and applications keep student data safe.

Clever's products

Clever's products

Clever Portal
Student and teacher portal that supports SSO for all learning resources and gives each user a customized experience—at no cost.

Clever Badges
Lightning-fast and fun way for students to log in to learning software—no typing necessary.

Secure Sync
Rostering tool that automatically creates and updates student and teacher accounts in learning software.

A place for teachers to discover, learn about, and adopt new resources for their classroom.

What schools and applications say


We knew that DreamBox's rapid growth required a best-in-class data solution, and that's why we turned to Clever.

Jessie Woolley-Wilson

Clever's innovative thinking enables us to continue to evolve as an educational institution. New solutions, like Clever Badges, allow teachers to eliminate procedures that were time-wasting and frustration producing.

Cleon Franklin
Shelby County Schools

Clever helps us get students logged into i-Ready faster, which preserves instructional time in the classroom.

Leonardo Mejia

Since we implemented Clever, we've seen a decrease in the level of effort to implement new educational applications, allowing teachers greater access to educational tools in their classroom. Teachers now have greater flexibility and autonomy in using the right tools to drive academic performance while having access to the correct student data.

Tim Leddy
Denver Public Schools

The thing is Clever simply works. When we query your API, everything just does what it's supposed to do.

Nate Smith
American Reading Company

Clever is the 'Amazon Prime' of educational web apps and services. Select the app you want, and in two days or less, it’s in your Clever Portal ready for student use!

Justin Brown
Bethlehem Central School District

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