What Are Districts Saying About Clever?

Why More Than 60,000 Schools Use Clever

Swift and Simple Setup

Clever auto-integrates with most student information systems, so setup is a breeze. And once districts are finished, adding new applications takes minutes.

Technology You Can Trust

Clever is a leader in helping districts meet their FERPA obligations. Districts turn to Clever for its industry-leading encryption and security practices.

High Impact Results

When schools use Clever, applications are easy to roll out and keep up to date, and students waste no time logging in – so every minute of class time counts.

Clever's Solutions for Districts

Clever’s technology solves everyday challenges for districts, teachers, and students.

Secure Sync

Never roster another piece of learning software again. By connecting with your student information system, Clever Secure Sync auto-rosters your software for you.

Secure Sync lets you quickly add new applications while eliminating data entry errors and increasing information security.

Clever Badges

An all-new, lightning fast way for K-2 students to log in to their learning software.

Clever Badges makes logging in for young students fast, easy, and secure (and yes, even fun!)

Learn more about Clever Badges

Clever is an industry leader in helping protect student data. Read more about our security practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Clever cost?

Clever never charges schools or districts. Further, vendors can use Instant Login at no cost. Vendors can purchase Secure Sync as a scalable roster integration solution for their software.

Is Clever FERPA compliant?

Yes – Clever is fully FERPA compliant and, moreover, requires all its integrated applications to adhere to FERPA standards. Clever has even won awards for its data privacy policies.

Read more about Clever’s privacy policy.

Is Clever secure?

Clever’s industry-leading security infrastructure ensures student data is always transmitted securely using TLS/SSL and remains under full district control. In addition, Clever offers further safeguards, such as two-factor authentication.

Read more about Clever’s security.

How long does it take to set up Clever?

About 15 minutes. If your district uses a common SIS, Clever is pre-integrated and can be set up with little manual effort. Alternatively, the SFTP sync option usually takes one day to set up.

Start setting up your district.

What kind of information can I transmit with Clever?

Schools use Clever to transmit the roster information required for their applications to function. School districts always remain in control of their data and can set sharing permissions for each connected application.

What applications does Clever work with?

Clever works with more than 200 applications. If you’re already using some of these applications at your district, Clever can help you transition them onto the platform after you sign up.

View the application gallery here.