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A no-cost personalized portal for students, teachers, and staff with secure single sign-on access to thousands of digital resources.

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Time savings for everyone

Clever’s single sign-on (SSO) portal increases instructional time for students and teachers and increases work time for staff by getting everyone into all of their digital software and resources with one username and password. Not only is it easy to access thousands of apps, cloud files, and resources, but each user gets a personalized experience by seeing applications that are only relevant for them.

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For districts

Thousands of applications

Not only do we offer SSO for any learning or business application, we also work with hundreds of leading applications to provide SSO powered by rostering. If you don't see an application you need, the Clever team can build a connection to any resource.

Free for everyone

There’s no cost for districts using SSO. It’s all part of Clever's mission to simplify education technology.


Robust analytics let district administrators monitor software logins and usage across schools and classrooms.

SSO starting at the device

Clever SSO can also log users directly into their devices, like Chromebooks and Windows computers—eliminating one entire step in the login process.


We want technology accessibility for all students, including those with special needs. Students hold up their Badge to a camera, and in a flash, they are logged in. Badges work for all grades, with additional security measures for older students.

Digital teacher tools

Classroom management tools allow teachers to easily troubleshoot login issues, monitor which students are logged in, and launch an app for an entire class. They can also search and add free apps from the Clever Library.

Raising the bar in data security

We take measures to protect student data at each step of the process—from the first data transfer to a student’s 100th login. We lead the industry in privacy, security, and control.

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If you're one of the thousands of districts already using Clever for rostering, two-thirds of the setup is already done. Experience the power of Clever’s single sign-on portal, and see how easy it is for students and teachers to access learning software like Newsela, Google Docs, and Wikipedia in one central location.

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US K-12 students

access resources via Clever for single sign-on

Instant access to thousands of resources

Step one

District admins add any application, textbook, file, or resource in their Clever dashboard and teachers can add and customize resources for their students.

Step two

District admins determine which user gets access to each digital resource.

Step three

The app is immediately available for students in their Clever Portal—no additional logins required.

What districts are saying


Our teachers love it. It’s an absolute dream for them because they don’t have to manage that sign-in process. The kids are always connected to their accounts. As soon as the kid boots up the device, they’re authenticated. And then it’s just one click for them to access their apps without any sign-in issues at all.

Mark Irwin
Sunnyside Unified School District

Clever is the 'Amazon Prime' of educational web apps and services. Select the app you want, and it’s in your Clever Portal ready for student use!

Justin Brown
Bethlehem Central School District

Central Unified uses the Clever’s single sign-on every day. This resource saves hours of time for teachers and students and makes it easy!

Jason Horsman
Central Unified School District

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